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26 OCT 2017

Robert Courts MP Continues his Campaign for Tougher Punishment for Animal Cruelty Offenders

Since entering Parliament, Robert Courts MP has campaigned for tougher punishment for those who commit acts of animal cruelty.

Robert therefore welcomed the Government's recent announcement that the maximum sentence for worst acts of animal cruelty will be increased tenfold, from six-months to five years.  

Today, Robert asked the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, for assurances that these increased penalties will be used by the courts to punish those who commit the most shocking acts of cruelty.  You can watch Robert's full exchange with the Secretary of State below:

Following his encounter with Michael Gove, Robert said:

"I have campaigned to ensure that animal cruelty is treated with the seriousness it deserves.  At the moment, courts can hand out a five-year sentence for fly-tipping but only a six-month sentence for heinous acts of cruelty to animals.  I am pleased that the Government will correct this by ensuring tougher penalties are available to the courts for the very worst offences.

"I am delighted that the Secretary of State was able to assure me today that the courts will indeed use these increased powers to punish the worst acts of cruelty towards animals.

"It is quite right that those people who commit the most shocking cruelty against animals should face suitably tough punishment. Thanks to these reforms, courts will have the powers punish the most abhorrent acts and also deter other offenders."

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