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It is an exciting moment for or all those who are first time voters, whether you have just turned eighteen or you have decided to vote for the first time. In West Oxfordshire, this means you can vote in Parliamentary elections, in both the District and County Council elections, as well as for the more recent Police and Crime Commissioner - all of which have different roles.

To be able to take part in our Parliamentary democracy is - perhaps you agree with me - one of the most precious rights that we enjoy in this country. In fact, when you consider how many countries in the World are still not so lucky, perhaps the ability to cast a free vote in a secret ballot would be better described as a privilege.

I know that you will be wanting to play your full part in our democracy, and that you will be thinking about all the many issues that are a part of it. Perhaps you have a settled political viewpoint, perhaps not. Perhaps you are already passionate about specific issues and may already be involved in them. You may get your news from the TV, online, or social media.

I feel that part of my role in that process as your Parliamentary representative includes knowing what matters to those I represent. Below is a survery and if you have a few minutes to complete it, I would really like to hear from you.

I also consider it is important for me as your Parliamentary representative to keep you informed of what I am up to in Parliament and locally. I regularly post on social media, and send out a fortnightly email update - you might like to sign up to to the right of this page. You can read all of my previous newsletters here.

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1. Do you feel that politicians in Westminster listen to young people?:

2. What do you think politicians should do to engage younger voters?:

3. Do you think that tuition fees should be abolished, and for university study to be funded out of general taxation?:

4. Do you think the Government should continue to promote apprenticeships and skills training?:

5. If you were in charge of reducing the deficit in the public finances, would you?:
Raise taxes
Reduce public spending

6. Would you be happy to see more houses built in your town/village if it meant it were easier for you to get on the housing ladder?:

7. Do you intend to vote in the next local or national election?:

8. What are the three most important issues that will determine who you vote for?:
Affordable Housing
Foreign Aid
Animal Welfare
Support for Refugees
Education/Tuition Fees
Job Opportunities
The Economy
Climate Change/Environment

Other (please specify):

9. Thinking ahead to the next General Election, as things stand today, what are the chances of you voting for each of the following parties – on a scale of 0–10, where 0 means no chance of you voting for the party and 10 means you would be absolutely certain to vote for the party?:


Liberal Democrat:





10. Finally, do you have any specific concerns which you would like me to raise in Parliament?:

I produce a regular e-news bulletin. Would you like to be kept up to date with local events and issues?:

Your data will not be sold or given to anyone not connected to the Conservative Party. If you do not want the information you give to us to be used in these ways, or for us to contact you, please indicate by ticking the relevant boxes: Post, Email, SMS, Phone:

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