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15 MAY 2017

Robert Courts General Election 2017 campaign launch!

"I am honoured to have been chosen by West Oxfordshire Conservatives to stand as their candidate for the 2017 General Election.

In the six months since you elected me as your MP at the October 2016 by-election, I have been very active locally and in Parliament ensuring local peoples' voices are heard. I have been to every corner of West Oxfordshire, visiting pubs, parish councils, businesses, charities, churches as well as knocking on doors, always listening to peoples' concerns and raising many of them in Parliament. I have spoken up for you on everything from mental health to bus services, from the A40 to flooding and from health services to the challenges and opportunities of Brexit.

In only a few months, I have corresponded with over 1,700 constituents, voted in 85.16% of votes (above average for MPs,) seen over 70 people in advice surgeries since October (his first surgery being only a week after the election,) met with over 80 businesses and charities, and have already visited over a fifth of West Oxfordshire's schools and over a quarter of all parish councils.

The election on Thursday 8th June is a defining moment in our country's history as we prepare to leave the EU. In order to get the best deal, we need a strong and stable Government that will work in the interests of West Oxfordshire. Theresa May is, by calling this election, working in the national interest to give our country the strongest possible hand in the coming negotiations.

I am therefore asking you all to put your trust in me again. It has been a privilege to represent you over the last six months, and I want to continue to deliver on the plan that I set out when you elected me in October. I am totally focused on representing West Oxfordshire and will continue to work hard - all the time campaigning in a positive, optimistic tone and rejecting the negative campaigning that has done so much to turn so many people off politics - but above all ensuring that you have a strong, dedicated, local voice speaking up for you - both in West Oxfordshire and in Parliament."

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